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is there any truth to this?
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    is there any truth to this?

    was reading up on a topic about a supposed 'gamesave virus' *dramatic theme and tinfoil hat* here:

    supposedly it comes from the modding community. im having a hard time believing that yo.

    if it is true does anyone know how to fix it?

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    Re: is there any truth to this?

    lol awesome. i haven't seen anything about it, but i constantly backup all my save games after accidentally deleting them all last year.

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    Re: is there any truth to this?

    well i havent heard about this, but if it does happen to me i will omnislash the infected person who infected my save :P lol
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    Re: is there any truth to this?

    i think this is complete bs for xbox users for pc maybe ... i play with tons of randoms in borderlands 2 (modded and un modded) nothing yet .. but if so i have backups for all my characters

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    Re: is there any truth to this?

    Lies and slander.
    Did you hear the one about the vault hunter who could run on water and respawned after 3 days without a new u station?

    Theres also a rumour gamefaqs forums have never, ever produced anything reputable or even remotely useful and is a breeding ground for some of the most retarded humanity has to offer, if it were a physical place it would be full of aids and fail. Next they're going to claim my sarcasm is infectious and causes hurt feelings.

    The only credibility it has is UWillowSaveGameManagerexecSaveGraveyard and UWillowSaveGameManagerexecLoadGraveyard, the only mentons of a graveyard. The naming convention has no evidence behind it because there would be a string containing the name like there is the rest; if it were a bad thing however, why on earth does it have the capacity to load a grave save?
    It's bullshit and blaming the almighty wizards on high is the goto scapegoat, because when stupid people get scared they like to form angry mobs and set fire to things.
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    It's all bullshit rumors lol
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    Re: is there any truth to this?

    dont believe anything from gamefaqs. that forum is full of trolls and little kids that try to get you banned if you disagree with their flaming/ troll attempts

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    Re: is there any truth to this?

    nevermind. confirmed as false and i figured out how it happened.


    the post that reads "Some idiot turned on BadAssMode.

    Yeah, lame origin story.
    Ain't no Batman." (direct copy-paste)

    also......some user speculates that it a hidden game mode that might be coming out soon.

    "So that's how it happened! There was an option for that in the "Raw" section of Gibbed's save editor.

    Looks like there was more locked on-disc content that Gearbox has yet to release. That's probably why they swiftly erased the thread about the Graveyard.sav "virus". They didn't want it leaked that we'd be getting a new mode to play.

    Aka a "Hardcore" mode. (Or Bad Ass Mode in this case.)

    Well, this is exciting! Brilliant!"

    that sort of makes sense i guess. well let this be a warning to everybody not to turn on BadAssMode until things get fixed or they settle down or gearbox finally releases the supposed hidden mode.



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