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    A new virus is a new virus is making its way around the community called Graveyard. The virus does a rather unwelcoming thing of humping your Borderlands 2 save file and then dumps a lot of the data so that once you die you lose your character, stats and everything else, forever. There is no way to recover your data but some modders might be able to cure your save file if you're willing to take a few steps to let them remedy the problem.

    The Better Gaming Bureau (and I really like that name. I hope they live up to it!) has done gaming a great service today of announcing that the Graveyard virus is spreading like wildfire. The reports confirm that save files for PC and Xbox 360 are converted to Graveyard.sav files and will ruin your stats for good once you die. So your choice is either to never die or get your save file fixed by a modder. The upside is that PS3 gamers have not encountered this virus, yet.

    What is graveyard.sav? What does this have to do with me?

    When you get hit by the glitch that turns your save into graveyard.sav, upon entering FFYL and then subsequently dying for whatever reason, you will never respawn. You die and go into a free roam camera. If you try to load another character, dashboard, restart your xbox, etc, your save data is completely gone and there is no hope of recovering it at that point, as it is renamed graveyard.sav and is missing the majority of the data it once had.

    What?! How did I get this?

    The glitch originated with the modding community and may or may not have been accidental. It spread from there, and it passes from the infected player to all other players in the game with said infected player. At this point, its a terrible chain, and chances are it passed to you through some randoms.

    So how can I prevent this, or save my character if it gets effected later?

    If you want to prevent this, you have to make sure you're not playing with randoms, and that everybody you play with isn't playing with randoms, AND that it isn't currently effecting anybody in your group. Along with that,


    , and if you are on 360,

    do not backup to the Cloud, as it will sync with your HD saves and your backups will be overwritten

    , apparently. Memory card or USB drive is best.

    If you get hit by this and recognize it (free roam camera, no respawning, etc), you can salvage your save.

    1. Open up gibbed editor,

    2. Open your SaveGame.sav

    3. Go to the raw tab and locate "IsBadassModeSaveGame"

    4. Change the ofset from true to false.

    5. Save your SaveGame.sav and replace it into your SaveXXXX.sav, then re hash and resign.

    If you salvage your save in this way, and then continue to play, the next time you die, it will happen again, and you must repeat the steps above. I highly recommend following the above steps and then NOT TOUCHING THE SAVE after that. It's a logical assumption that due to how this is done, Gearbox will likely be able to remove the "infection" from any effected files with the patch once they get it out.

    Information came from


    Video of the infection in action


    Anyone caught posting the save on the site will be warned, and possibly banned.

    This was posted on TTG by ASmallForest,

    Original Thread from TTG http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=...infection.html

    i just copied and pasted onto here since there was no in depth post about this infection

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    So can i delete it off my HDD? and will it effect my xbox?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CROSSxGODofWAR View Post
    So can i delete it off my HDD? and will it effect my xbox?
    No, it only infects the save that the infected player joins you on.
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    That's scary!! lol but now i am educated.

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    Looks pretty interesting, going to check this out.
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    im immune to all infections, cause im Cloud Strife lol
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    Luckily i haven't have any problems yet but i least now i known what to do if i bump into it thanks :)
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    I thought I heard the new patch fixed it. Or at least prevented new infections.
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