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PLease Help Me With Eternia Crystal Modding Tool
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    PLease Help Me With Eternia Crystal Modding Tool

    I downloaded Eternia Crystal and then i went into horizon and i extracted my Dungeon Defenders Save to my Desktop and when i pressed open on eternia crystal and open my save
    but it said

    An Error Occured!!!
    PLease contact the Author at www.360have.com
    forum in the Eternia Crystal Thread and post
    you Savefile so this problem can be
    fixed Thanks!


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    Re: PLease Help Me With Eternia Crystal Modding Tool

    Hey take all three DD Eternia Crystal and your Dundefsave out them on your desktop press dd then open eternia then get your save in eternia and there you go. your welcome.

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    I did that still doesn't work

    say it by numbers
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    Re: PLease Help Me With Eternia Crystal Modding Tool

    well you need to open the right file...("DunDefSave")
    if you did that and you are still getting the error message... then you will have to upload your save... as it was mentioned in the message you got...
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    Re: PLease Help Me With Eternia Crystal Modding Tool

    I have the same problem, using Horizon and winzip. then i changed to horizon and winrar and it worked just fine! unfortunately that was my onfline account for a test. now i switched back to my xbl account and the same problm is occuring. im seriously gettin frustrated haha. but if you werent using horizon and winrar,try that and maybe you'll get some luck!

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    Re: PLease Help Me With Eternia Crystal Modding Tool

    see im experiencing the same issues i have no idea why i know im selecting the dundefsave file when i try to use it but it still gives me the error message im just really frustrated at this point

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    Re: PLease Help Me With Eternia Crystal Modding Tool

    if anyone figures this out let me know plz. im having the same issue. and apparently the creator of this program is sick of the winning so he wants nothing to do with the program now. i messaged him a few days ago like the error said. but on return to his thread i read that he will delete all pms about this tool

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    Re: PLease Help Me With Eternia Crystal Modding Tool

    I need help with Eternia Crystal, every time I download it, it downloads as a rar file.Then, after I try to open the file, It keeps opening the internet explorer view downloads and will not open enternia crystal, I have done everything else right. Please someone help.

    Yours truly,


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