I am making a maze on minecraft i have burning alive, drowning, being crushed, blown up, mauled to death from silver fish and flaming arrows
falling wont work unless i rebuild the maze in the air
There is secrets like walls open walls close and dont open again some can be reopened
all walls and floors are silver fish so if they get broken you will be mauled
and the entire maze is fully covered in bedrock
there is a big room that you will spawn in and it is connected to the maze so the only way out is through the maze
that is all there is to it so far

so if anyone can think of traps or secrets post it with a image or video or a small description or upload a save with the trap or secret or post your gamer tag and i will join you and if i like the trap or secret i will put it in the maze

if you have any traps or secrets that get put in the maze i will give you credit when i upload the save