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    Assassin's Creed 3 Money Mod

    • Horizon
    • Hex Editor (I prefer Hex Workshop)

    1.- Get some Pounds between 1.000 and 9.000.

    2.- make sure that it's all saved.

    3.- Write down your money value and EXIT to the game's Main Menu

    4.- Now exit to the dashboard, and extract ASSASSINSCREED3SAVEGAME1A to your PC

    5.- Using an Hex editor (i use Hex Workshop), open your savegame and search for your money value in hexadecimal, but inverted:

    5.- If your money value is 1234, then in hex would be 04D2 (4 characters), then inverted would be D204 (move 2 characters to the end).

    6.- Search for possible matches; It SHOULD only return you with one value in the entire save file but if there's more, redo all steps after gaining some more money in the game.

    6.- Once you find the right value, replace all 4 characters with FFFF, this would make your money amount change to 65535.

    7.- Click Save in the hex editor. Rehash and resign as usual, then inject the file in your HDD/USB.

    8.- Load up the game, it should recognize your save file and you should have 65.535 in your pocket.

    *How To Mod Higher than 65535*

    1) Get more than 68000 in currency in game (hex : 0109A0)
    2) Reorder the hex to A00901 and change it to FFFFFF
    3) Save it in hex editor and then close, then resign n rehash and inject the modded save back into your usb
    4) Load up your save in assassin's creed 3 and it should say 16777215

    Enjoy your high amount of currency.

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    Re: Assassin's Creed 3 Money Mod

    Thanks Bear-XS! This worked tremendously. Just some things I face while modding.

    - My original money was at 1337 (seriously) which was 0539, so inverted it was 3905. I couldn't find a single match at all.

    - Got back in game, sold some items off and got my money to 1187. Hex was 04A3, inverted A304. Huzzah! Found it. Change it to FFFF and it worked!

    Maybe this is utter crap but maybe you'll need a Hexadecimal that contains alphabets and NOT JUST numbers alone. Also, this video helps too (its for AC2: Revelations but its the same steps and it works):

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    Re: Assassin's Creed 3 Money Mod

    u dont have to change the byte around if u look for (intel )
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    I have to give this a try later great share Bear :)
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    Re: Assassin's Creed 3 Money Mod

    I have 1717 gold i get 1 instance i change the instance then i freeze when i load up save...
    and no i am not new at this...
    I rehashed and resigned and have no idea why it is not working

    Any one want to give it a go and help let me know

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    Re: Assassin's Creed 3 Money Mod

    Thks for the informative written details. Now i am just waiting to get more than $68k.

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    Re: Assassin's Creed 3 Money Mod

    the game crashed after doing this! is this matter happen after TU2?

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    Re: Assassin's Creed 3 Money Mod

    i would try this but i like to get money the old fashion way on this game lol
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