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{HELP} My BL2 backpack is modded and I need it unmodded
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    {HELP} My BL2 backpack is modded and I need it unmodded

    I used a modded Siren and it came with a modded back pack. I can carry 8 weapons and who knows how many items in the backpack. How can I undo this with out a jtag/RGH? Is there someone that can unmod it for me if I cant do it? I will upload my save if someone is willing to help me out.

    I was able to unmod my number of weapons items back to four. Still an issue with the back pack.


    Here is my save I would like edited to have normal back pack and inventory. I will mod the back pack via the black market.


    if you are wondering why I want this well here is why, I want to use Black guns and items. Having my backpack modded this way screws up that possibility. When I take them out of the bank they wont show in the back pack until I restart the game. Being that they are modded they will just disappear. I also have to fill the first four of the eight slots and then I can carry foour black guns, the first four I can not put back in the bank. Therefor I will lose them, and then lose four more the next time I play. They only way I can do this now is load a dummy save with what I want to carry and drop them, hold X to swap out...
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    Re: {HELP} My BL2 backpack is modded and I need it unmodded

    Here's your save,it has 12 backpack cap now and you can still buy the upgrades from Earl.
    Also maxed out your ammo pools,bank capacity to 42 and set some strange values back to normal.
    I've tested it and you can equip and place items in the bank.

    Fixed Save



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