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Free 160 MP for the Worms Revolution savefile
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    Free 160 MP for the Worms Revolution savefile

    Hello gamers,

    I have a 160 Microsoft Points code and I will give it to the first member how will submit a savefile for Worms Revolution (Arcade game).

    1- Savefile must work and not corrupted.
    2- First come first serve. There is ONLY one code for one winner.
    3- Before you submit your savefile, you should tell me some info about it - some stats
    4- After I and/or other members test your savefile and confirmed that's work and good, you will get the 160 MP code.
    5- Mod savefiles is legal.
    6- This contest for two weeks long.
    7- You can submit a mod tool instead of savefile.
    10- I can submit/send the code to the forum moderator (if he/she want that) and he/she will send it back to the winner.


    I've been playing this game for one week and I've been very close to complete the story mode but by mistake I format my usb - flash memory - and I lost my savedata


    Guys .. 160 MP is waiting you ..

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    Re: Free 160 MP for the Worms Revolution savefile

    The contest ended without a winner.

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    Re: Free 160 MP for the Worms Revolution savefile

    Quote Originally Posted by HEMI View Post
    The contest ended without a winner.
    I not putting you down or anything but seriously bro.. its 160msp. If you notice the # of views you got, you know that #1 - the game is not popular enough, #2 - You're giving away 160msp. Its simply not worth it. Maybe in your mind it is.. but clearly in everyone's else (by the response you got), its not. 160 = 1 or 2 dollars. Think about the trouble others have to go through for 1 ro 2 dollars. I'm not hating, just telling it as it is...

    oh and its not called free when you're asking for something in return.. even though it is a contest... they have give YOU something to get 1 or 2 dollars back...



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