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[Tutorial] How to get free 48 hour or 14 day trail codes
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    How to get free 48 hour or 14 day trail codes

    - Sign out of any profiles & be on dashboard
    - Go over to system settings > Console Settings > Language and Locale > Locale > change to Japan
    - Once selected Japan, hit (B) 3 times to take you back to the dashboard
    - Hit the middle Xbox Guide Button & Create profile
    - It will ask to enter a profile name, just leave it as "Player1" or the default it comes up with. Hit done
    - It will sign in and have you choose an Avatar choose which ever one you want, hit (A)
    - Hit (A) on Join Xbox LIVE
    - Hit (A) on continue
    - Enter your name or make one up
    - enter an email whatever you would like but the ending has to be @jp.com
    example: [email protected]
    - create a password whatever you would like just remember it because you have to enter it twice
    - It will bring you to a list with a bunch of stuff in Japanese, hit (A) on the first selection
    - Enter anything for the secret answer
    - Choose a birthday year 1992 or before
    example: (yyyy)1991, mm(12), dd(11)
    - It then will show a recap of everything you have entered, just hit (A) on continue
    - Hit (A) on continue
    - Check "Xbox Marketing" & "Partner Marketing"
    - Hit (A) on Confirm
    - Hit (A) on Accept
    - Loading screen will appear just wait for it to finish
    - It will show you your gamertag, just hit (A) on continue
    - Hit (A) on continue
    - Hit (A) on Learn More on the default choice
    - Hit (A) on Continue
    - Scroll over to the bottom right and hit (A) on No Thanks
    - Hit (A) on No Thanks for the 1 month trial
    - It then will take you to the dashboard
    - "Monster Hunter Frontier 5" should be located there, hit (A) on MH-Frontier 5
    - Hit (A) on MH-Frontier 5 again
    - It will ask you to confirm doanload, hit (A) on Confirm Download
    - It will begin downloading, does not take very long
    - Hit (B)
    - Hit (A) on MH-Frontier 5
    - Hit (A) on Play Now
    - It will start up and once it says to, you will Press Start
    - Takes a moment to load and you will see (box with 5 Japanese characters, small blank box, and a red bar)
    - Take a look at this chart to determine what those 5 Japanese characters are (#'s 0 - 9)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	16a4rjd.jpg 
Views:	210 
Size:	22.4 KB 
ID:	10271

    - On a piece of paper write down the number that corresponds to each of the characters on your screen (most likely the characters will be tilted so make sure you look at them carefully)

    - Once you have 5 numbers written down

    example: 50127

    - Use your LEFT controller stick to move into the small blank box above the red bar

    - Once mouse pointer is in the blank box hit (A)

    - It will then bring up the on screen key board, hit (LT) to switch to english

    - Enter your 5 numbers that you had written down on the paper

    - Hit done, it will then take you back to the screen with the red bar and the blank box now has your 5 numbers within it.

    - Use the LEFT controller stick and hover over the red bar

    - Hit (A) once the mouse pointer is hovering over the red bar

    - It then will show you 2 codes (the top one you will use)

    - Write down the top code

    - Either redeem it on your xbox for 48 hours or on xbox.com for 14 days


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    Re: How to get free 48 hour or 14 day trail codes

    nice to know about this Zebzy
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    Re: How to get free 48 hour or 14 day trail codes

    that is too much for me to bother with lol
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    To many steps for a 14 day but great share bro :)
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    Re: How to get free 48 hour or 14 day trail codes

    Thanks!! But when I put it on xbox.com does it say 14 day or 48 hour?

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    Re: How to get free 48 hour or 14 day trail codes

    Thanks man! I should have enough LIVE for Christmas!



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