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    Suprise Suprise...

    While currently playing black ops 2 and being very disappointed at the fact you get the most over powered SMG's in the game within the first 20 levels make this game the best buy ever. No matter what you do, everyone uses the same old shit, well done for treyarch for bringing back the accurate, no recoil MP7 back into this game. I am not going on about it because "I am crap at the game" or other reason like that, i am fairly good, had 2.41K/D on MW3 and 1.97 on Blops 1 but i can't seem to get a good KD on this game without having to stoop down and use a stupid over powered SMG like everyone else. It's pathetic how a close combat weapon has advantage over the following: short, mid, long ranges and never mind that you can easily get out done by them just spraying from hip.

    This game has disappointed me fairly, i bought the hardened because i loved the original Blops but this has just let it down big time. If i wanted to just have overpowered SMGs i would just stayed on MW3.

    Gah. So much hate but the game would be good if every gun was equal enough to take out certain classes, just seems they shit it out just cause they know they will make millions off the game.

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    They need to implement better damage increases and drop-offs depending on the range of which it is used. The max range of an SMG should be Close to mid range. Shotguns should be Close range ONLY. Assault Rifles should be Mid-Long Range. And Snipers should be Long range ONLY. But I doubt this will ever happen, everyone cries when they can't snipe with an SMG or use a Sniper like its a shotgun.

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