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343 Banning for profile modifications
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    Startle 343 Banning for profile modifications

    According to BS Angel (Community Manager at Halo Waypoint) mentioned that they banned for profile modifications. Just a heads up for those of you who modded your accounts.


    EDIT: My Friend; apparently he was banned because he put a illegal character in his Service Tag. (@#$% ect...)

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    Re: 343 Banning for profile modifications

    Well I modded all my armors, commendations, loadouts (everything lol) and I still haven't gotten banned. "knocks on wood"

    Also I read the thread and the guy said he was banned for his offensive language. (he can still play, but can't talk on his mic or anything)

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    Re: 343 Banning for profile modifications

    343's system bans people is based on conectivity and skill levels stuff like that it doesn't look at your unlocks just things like the amount of xp your earning and k/d ratio (checks for boosting and stuff like that) for match making bans and from the looks of it even the amount of mutes you are given for the mic ban.

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    Re: 343 Banning for profile modifications

    I heard that Halo 4 is using Halo Reach's security and it has an insta ban if you mod your Service Tag to something that is not allowed (symbols, bad words, etc.)...
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    Re: 343 Banning for profile modifications

    Hmmm. Well, I modded my gpd to unlock everything without modding the commendations and such (I have the green visor without mastering the Splatter commendation, the FOTUS armor without BestBuy pre-order, etc). Let's see what happens.
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    Re: 343 Banning for profile modifications

    There were ways to get the UA Multi-Thread (Threat) or whatever it was in Reach via GPD editing. Since Halo 4 uses the same security. I Doubt it would get you banned unless you modded credits, commendations and boosted and stuff.

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    Re: 343 Banning for profile modifications

    I modded my GPD to get max Commendations. Not banned :P
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    Re: 343 Banning for profile modifications

    me too - not banned, knock on wood!


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