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Trainers and Dynamic Offsets
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    Trainers and Dynamic Offsets

    Hey guys, I need a little bit of help. So l'm doing some research to create a trainer for Halo Wars and I can find the value for resources in one ram dump, but the location is dynamic and changes each time the XEX is loaded. I tried to trace the offset to the breakpoint, but I'm not getting anything from there either, which is really odd. All the dynamic offsets I found are similar in that they have the same first 3 bytes and the last 3 bytes (for example, the location would be 0xXXX54XXX then change to 0xXXX7BXXX after reloading the XeX).

    What process should I go about in creating a trainer for this game? Is it even possible with dynamic addresses? If not I could just mod campaign saves by saving the progress with infinite resources, idk.

    Any help would be appreciated, I hope this post belongs here, if not, then I apologize. I would of posted in MBRKiNG's thread but I don't want to clutter up his thread with my noob questions.

    Also, sorry if this has been asked before, I did some searches and didn't find anything

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Trainers and Dynamic Offsets

    Try looking for it in basefile or allocated you may have better luck with the breakpoints.
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    Re: Trainers and Dynamic Offsets

    Quote Originally Posted by Sensi420 View Post
    Try looking for it in basefile or allocated you may have better luck with the breakpoints.
    Thanks for responding! I went ahead and tried this but got zero results. :(
    I wonder if it's possible to have a trainer or rte search a range of about 02000000 or so. The only thing I know for certain is that the last 3 digits of the offset never change for resources (always end in 528), another odd thing is there's always another offset identical to it 10 bytes above, the last 3 bytes of the offset are 528 and the one above it is 538, every time. I tried checking for the breakpoint on both of those but yeah, no results. I'll continue doing research, but hmm...



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