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Is anyone else
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Thread: Is anyone else

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    Is anyone else

    Who's bored of halo 4? I'm sick of it

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    Re: Is anyone else

    My 360 broke and wasn't able to play Halo 4. I just got a new console two days ago, and so Halo is to me as it was to everybody else on release! Not bored just yet! ^-^
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    Re: Is anyone else

    Wrong thread zebzy :(
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    Re: Is anyone else

    I'm still loving the game and I've been playing since a beta build (No not the retail ISO that was leaked, way before that) and the matchmaking is fine for me.

    I disagree with the lack of playlists, gametypes, maps and stuff. (They should take advantage over the forge maps and do something with those, Ravine is a very good map for CTF and BTB)

    A lot of the spawns need to be fixed, weapons need to be nerfed. Same goes with Vehicles (Bolt shot, DMR, Mantis, Gauss Hog )

    Join Session in Progress needs to be fixed (I don't mind if it puts you in a game that's early like first minute of the game or something. But throwing you into a game that you have absolutely no control over is just ghey)

    Other than that I'm still enjoying the game.

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    Re: Is anyone else

    i was enjoying the game when i had it, but i had to sell it, if i still had it i would still be playing it
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    Re: Is anyone else

    They need to come out with the halo 2 and halo 3 ranking system already, I think that would make the game much more entertaining for me.

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    Re: Is anyone else

    I wouldnt say that I'm bored with the game. Just too many other games that need played as well!

    However, playing Spartan Ops Solo does get boring pretty quickly.

    I would also say I bought Halo 4 more for the Story, I very much enjoy the multiplayer, but The single player is my Favorite part.



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