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Hex Editing a Game Save
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    Hex Editing a Game Save

    Hi guys,

    I would just like to ask for some help, I am trying to mod a game save for a new XBLA game called Guardians of Middle Earth, I am trying to change my gold in the game.

    What I have done is extracted the save from my USB and used a Hex Editor to compare two different save files of the game.

    I managed to find the Hex value of my gold in both save games, but editing the gold results in a currupt save file even after rehashing.

    I then eventually found a second entry for the same gold numbers and I notice that when I change both values, the game file no longer goes currupt, but it doesn't change my gold in the game, it remains as the original value which makes me think that there must be some sort of encryption going on to stop you from easily changing it?

    Am I right and if so, is there any way around this?

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    Re: Hex Editing a Game Save

    There is a checksum on the save, that's why it corrupted. I have made a Request thread, but so far haven't gotten any help :'(

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