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Forza 4 Decryption
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    Forza 4 Decryption

    Hey guys! I haven't really posted here much, but I am really looking for any help that can be offered. To start off...I absolutely hate horizon, I don't believe that ANYONE should have to pay to mod a gamesave, we are all here for a common reason and that is to learn and grow, this is not a proprietary setting. With that said, I want to start off by recreating all of the forza 4 tools released by the Horizon team. I am not talking about profile mods necessarily, but I would like to get into the unicorn injectors and livery unlocks. I also was very interested in the encryption used by this game. So if you have any relevant information, just post and we can get this ball rolling!

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    Re: Forza 4 Decryption

    yes a free livery unlocker and unicorn injector would be awesome!!

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    Re: Forza 4 Decryption

    Actually, mojobojo released this a little while ago. Here.
    It includes the source as well so you should be able to make a tool with it.

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    Re: Forza 4 Decryption

    thanks for posting! I already had my hands on that, my main issue is applying the encryption key to the file I am working on, kind of stumped. Most of the guys who know how to do this type of stuff tend to stay quiet which makes learning the methodology difficult.

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    Re: Forza 4 Decryption

    mine gives me a error



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