Farcry 3 CO-OP
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Thread: Farcry 3 CO-OP

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    Farcry 3 CO-OP

    Just wondering what your thoughts on the CO-OP is?

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    Re: Farcry 3 CO-OP

    Disappointing, I tried to play with my brother and the not being able to save have way in a mission is shit.
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    Is ok i prefer the single player campaign so much fun so awesome :D
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    Re: Farcry 3 CO-OP

    I wish it was more open like singleplayer, imagine having the ability to play 2 players in that world? holy shit. but nope, its linear and not too good to be honest.

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    Re: Farcry 3 CO-OP

    At least you can earn xp and level yourself up on it cuz i hate playing competitive multiplayer in pretty much every game i like the idea of people verse bots cuz you know bots dont cheap shot ya for the most part
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