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Halo 4 is there anything i can use to Unlock...
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    Halo 4 is there anything i can use to Unlock...

    Is there anything just to unlock what you want?.all i want is to get the Master assassin suit, that thing looks Really cool, been on for 2 days trying and i think i got 10 kill, either i die in the middle of it or someone just steals the Kill, I see there's a few programs witch i already Looked at but only lets you "unlock Everything" I just wanna unlock only that, that suit piece, Guide me what or how to do it please if i can? Thanks.

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    Re: Halo 4 is there anything i can use to Unlock...

    You can use Ellipse, but it doesn't have everything yet.

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    Re: Halo 4 is there anything i can use to Unlock...

    Thank you, One last question, Do i load my gpd Still?, Cause every time i try to load it in the halo4 Editor it says "Invalid Package Magic"

    Never-mind ^ You have to load your main Profile. Got it.

    Only thing left to ask if i unlock the assassin gear will the commendations for that be completed? cause im kinda iffy to unlock it. cause i don't want anyone to see i have not completed the commendations for it but i have it, or 343.

    Edit again- I Just did it and it works, Thanks, But i still don't know if the Commendation got unlocked also, Hopefully someone can also that, Thanks.
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    Re: Halo 4 is there anything i can use to Unlock...

    XXSE can do individual unlocks. BTW, if you want to make it look more legit, you can up the commendation that unlocks that armor. XXSE does all the individual comendations too. :-)



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