As the titles says, what are YOUR most frustrating Xbox 360 games?

To start off, here are some of mine and why -

1) Dark Souls - yes, yes I know, you are meant to die a lot in this game...even the developers have said that, but even with that taken into consideration, the controls feel a bit clunky sometimes. Overall, I just got too angry playing it.

2) Family Guy : Back To The Multiverse - one of the main reasons why this frustrates me is because I am a massive Family Guy fan, so this was a huge let down for me. Also, that final boss is a pain. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Youtube it and see for yourself. Don't waste your money buying this.

3) Lollipop Chainsaw - horrible controls in my opinion

4) Soul Calibur 4 - the difficulty curve on this is ridiculous

5) Resident Evil ORC - the only thing that resembles Resident Evil in this game is name alone. Horrible, horrible.

6) CSI games (all of them) - the port from PC does not work well here, and controls are just vile

7) Alpha Protocol - far too basic in my opinion but relentless with it. Frustratingly boring.