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More Achievement Hacking Help
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    More Achievement Hacking Help

    Would you get banned from XBox Live or have your Gamerscore reset to 0 if you hacked your profile to have glitched achievements unlocked? I'm thinking of doing this with Naruto Rise of a Ninja as the DLCs for it are no longer available and the only achievement that isn't glitched is The Forest of Death: Shikamaru one. The other DLC achievements are glitched as in you cannot unlock them even if you did meet the requirements. So before I try anything, I need to know if you'll get banned or have your Gamerscore reset to 0 or not.

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    Yea ull get banned from xbl if ur unlocking them in the wrong order... example chapter 8 of any campaign and after that uve unlocked chapter 2 ... u mighz be banned if ur using wrong years or month.... just be carefully and dont cheat every single achievment just leave a few locked to not get detected . online achievments are also dangerous...

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    Re: More Achievement Hacking Help

    Just unlock them offline, if they are not online cheevos, and you should be fine. If caught you will more then likely be reset, not banned. The way you get reset is unlocking on line acheevo offline or adding to many at once or messing up the time stamp for online cheevos. Just be smart about it and you will be fine.
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    Re: More Achievement Hacking Help

    Well, shoot. Microsoft really needs to make exceptions when modding achievements. Because the other DLC achievements in Naruto Rise of a Ninja are glitched except for the Shikamaru one, I mean what are the odds of those DLCs coming back and the achievements are fixed?

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    I heard only reset if u get caught 3 times then it's a permanent ban but this is only for achievs of u mod ur profile water mark or avatar then ban I guess from what I have heard Iv messed up order of a few achievments using horizon :/ so if I get banned I'll post it lol
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