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[Release] [PS3] Save Resigner
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    [PS3] Save Resigner

    Hi, here to share a PS3 save resigner.

    Thanks to @ flat_z for his amazing work. The games.conf is from aldostool.
    This is just for people who needs an easier way to use flat_z's tool.

    You can resign any saves from any regions to any regions. From any accounts to any Accounts.
    You can also remove the copy-protection.

    It's easy to use, and very user-friendly. It works for Retail PS3.
    All you have to do is search for the keys on internet.

    Download link:
    [PS3] Save Resigner 1.4 (Latest Update)
    Note: the games.conf is updated regularly by aldostool, so i will update the new file each times in the "dropbox folder". You will have to replace the old one by the updated one in the tool's folder.

    K.G 971

    Update logs:

    *UPDATE 03:
    [PS3] Save Resigner 1.4
    - Fixed Windows XP problems. Now it works for everyone. BIG thanks to RuiGR for his great help.

    *UPDATE 02:
    [PS3] Save Resigner 1.3
    - added some features
    - added "Copy params of a specified game" option: To all those who were getting corruption errors (Tekken ect..), this version may fix them.
    Make sure to select the "Copy params of a specified game" option, and load the PARAM.SFO of your version of the game that you try to resign a save to.
    - Decrypt option updated: When you decrypt a game save folder, it's now in the folder "Decrypted Save Folders".
    - Attempt to fix the XP problem.

    *UPDATE 01:
    [PS3] Save Resigner 1.1

    - added an option for modders: Decrypt the entire game save folder. It decrypts the game save folder for you, then it waits for you to mod what you want in it, and then it recrypts and resigns it.
    How it works:
    follow the video exept that instead of clicking "resign", you will click decrypt. Then , once you are done modding, click "Encrypt & Resign". Done. You can still select the first way if you are not planning to mod the file, just hit "Resign".
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    This is an awesome tool great share KG :)
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    Re: [PS3] Save Resigner

    ps3 users will he happy :)
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    Re: [PS3] Save Resigner

    Thank you, I don't know if you guys have PS3, but maybe you could be interested in PS3 news so, here we go :-)

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    Re: [PS3] Save Resigner

    I'm surprised you're not charging for shit that's not actually yours this time.

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    Re: [PS3] Save Resigner

    Be more precise. What "shit" that I was charging for ?

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    Re: [PS3] Save Resigner

    Quote Originally Posted by K.G View Post
    Be more precise. What "shit" that I was charging for ?
    Ahem, Save Editors that use PackageIO. 'Nuff said.

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    Re: [PS3] Save Resigner

    right... I always used Nate's IO since the time I made the UFC and splinter cell tool on good ol xbox360content. I think in some way It's more convenient than System IO...
    You were already mad at me back then anyway so what can I do anyway..


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