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What are some good RPG's For the 360?
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    What are some good RPG's For the 360?

    What are some good RPG's For the 360? Preferably one that are 2-4 Co-Op.

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    Re: What are some good RPG's For the 360?

    Well I am a fan of ME3 but the only multiplayer side of the game does not effect the story line of the main game, but it can change the effect of your military strength at the end of the game.
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    Re: What are some good RPG's For the 360?

    My Favourites

    Too Human - Great game people who say it sucks actually are terrible at the game or cod fags
    Borderlands 2 - Do I really need to say more?
    Borderlands 1 - Decent at its time but need a open mind to play compared to the second game
    Dead Island - Zombie 4 player RPG game
    Crackdown 2 - Loads of fun to play with friends
    Dungeon Defenders on arcade - Was by far the best arcade RPG I have ever played
    KUF Circle of Doom - Amazing 4 player coop game

    There is more but nice selection if you get these and need help on coop to play/mod them
    PM your GT and we play when i have time

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    Re: What are some good RPG's For the 360?

    Hands down Mass Effect is the best rpg/action on the xbox 360. Just got done playing with my TGI equipped with the Typhoon X. TGI/Typhoon X/IR/AssaultRile Amp/loadout= Platinum Killer.

    Edit: Agree all the way with game wizard, those games are great. Also agree what he said about too human, thats by far one of the funniest games on 360.

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    Re: What are some good RPG's For the 360?

    I agree with the games Game Wizard said. I also enjoyed Mass Effect 2 and Fallout 3.

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    Yup game wizard Got them all :)
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