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Pro's and Con's: Jtag VS xkeyx (seen quit a few names for it) Input needed
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    Pro's and Con's: Jtag VS xkeyx (seen quit a few names for it) Input needed

    Out of all the methods, which do you all thing is the best. Your my seniors in such matters so all advice (even unfriendly would be welcome so long as it's insightfull )
    Just from what I've seen, this xkyx has a nice setup, but jtag has been around much longer. So lets hear all of your pearls of wisdom on the matter. (Don't worry if you have to go into tech things, I'll just cover them after reading and nail what your talking about)

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    Re: Pro's and Con's: Jtag VS xkeyx (seen quit a few names for it) Input needed

    I have both an xbox 360 that is Jtag and a retail xbox 360 with the xk3y. With the Jtag your able to play any game no matter the region on it and use all DLC, you can also use trainers on the game which give you stuff like god mode and inf ammo on most FPS games or inf health on all games RPG, Fighting, FPS, Third Person Shooter, Strategy, etc... also you can run unsigned codes which is where the trainers and homebrews come from like running a Super Nintendo Emulator or Sega genesis. Now the xk3y is different all it does is emulate your dvd drive to read .ISO's from your USB plugged HDD that is all, no downloaded DLC, no unsigned codes or anything, the closes u get to modding is just a save editor mod which is done on any system since is just modding your save file. So Jtag for running unsigned codes and modding the hell out of games and Xk3y for running your backups as an .ISO from HDD.

    ps. also forgot to mention u can't use xbox live on the Jtag since it would be an automatic ban, then again Jtag now has a new form of online via system link, and for the xk3y so far no ban but again as any other mods as flashing your dvd drive to play your burned backups there is always a risk of getting banned while on xbox live.

    hope this helps
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