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Skyrim Save request!
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    Skyrim Save request!

    Hello there fellow gamer's, I've made another thread requesting for a save for another game.

    This time its for skyrim, and i know theres already a god save, but it has lots of problems. (It can be found here http://www.360haven.com/forums/showt...-god-save.html)

    The first one i encountered was within the dragon shouts, if you try to acquire, or buy a couple of them, it causes the game to crash or freeze. So too counter this problem, i thought about waiting till i slayed the first dragon, but this resulted in a second problem. the "99,999" Dragon souls went away, leaving me with 0.

    The only other problem i faced was seeing literally 20 to 30 of the same spell in each set of spells. Illusion, Destruction. ECT.

    I would have been liking it too be maybe just a little less, maybe just have all the spells that work, and not a ton of them in the same list xD

    It is still a VERY good save though, it makes playing skyrim really fun, and i mean no disrespect too the creator, of this save, again its very good, but i can't be a very good mage if i use a null spell, or fuck the game up with a dragon shout, after not saving for a while Dx

    And if it isn't too much trouble, maybe go through it and fix the kinks out, if its possible?

    Edit: Forgot another issue, since your stuck at level 1, you really can't do sh*t with the DLC
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