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[Tutorial] How to beat the 32 GB USB limit and use up to 2 TB for game saves/DLC
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    Startle How to beat the 32 GB USB limit and use up to 2 TB for game saves/DLC


    This feature is only applicable for FATXplorer versions and newer. Anything older does not have USB formatting.

    We all know that pesky 32 GB USB limitation Microsoft imposes. No ways were ever found that would bypass that limit.. until now! This tutorial will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial explaining to you how to use up to 2 TB of your USB space for your Xbox 360 content storage.

    Don't get this confused with FAT32 drives you can connect and use, which can be used to store game rips/homebrew, but cannot be used for content storage, like game saves/DLC. This is something different.. and better.

    By the end of this tutorial, you will have something like this:


    To use this tutorial, you must have the following:

    -A FAT32-formatted USB flash drive or external USB hard-drive with at least 512 MB of free space (approximately 536,895,488 bytes).
    -An Xbox 360 console that is able to run xeBuild 16202 or newer.
    -A computer with Windows 7 or newer. (Vista is supported, but not recommended. XP is not supported at all.)


    1. FATXplorer Licensing
    With the $30 you have gathered, click here and complete the order. Check your email and register the application. You can download it here.

    Open FATXplorer and proceed to step 2.

    2. USB Formatting
    Select "Formatting Tools" from the ribbon. It looks like this:

    It will bring up a small window. Select "Xbox 360 USB":

    Select "Continue".

    You will now see the formatting wizard. Read the welcome page and make sure to click the link at the bottom for more information.

    Select "Next". You will then see something like this:

    This is where you select your device. If you don't see your device listed, make sure it is connected and that it is FAT32 formatted. If it is not FAT32 formatted, use FAT32 Formatter to format it.
    Select your device and select "Next".

    Now you will see partition configuration options. You should leave this alone unless you are an advanced user and want to tweak stuff.

    Now is the fun part: size configuration!

    Should be pretty self-explanatory. Simply select how much space you want to allocate for your Xbox 360 content storage and select "Next".

    On the next page you will be given an option to name your device. It is optional, but you should put something in, such as "My Gaming USB". Select "Next" once you have decided.

    On the next page it will summarize what FATXplorer is about to do. Review it carefully. Once you are done, select "Next". Formatting has now begun. The time it takes to finish depends on the size you specified.

    FATXplorer will then display a message telling you formatting has completed and then will take you to the last page of the wizard. Select "Finish" to close it.

    Congratulations! Your USB is now configured for Xbox 360 content storage!

    3. Console Patching

    Console Patching is the process of applying FATXplorer's DashLaunch patch to your console to enable USB sizes greater than 32 GB. Even if you didn't select a size greater than 32 GB, you should still install the patch because it also enables all USB ports. It is a very simple process and only takes a few steps.

    Select "Console USB Patcher" from the ribbon. It looks like this:

    You will now see the patching wizard. Read the short welcome message and select "Next".

    Select your dashboard version and then "Next".

    Specify "Create new" and select "..." to specify a place to save the patch file.

    Select "Next" and read the last page very carefully. This will explain the installation procedure.

    Once you have done all that, you should be all set!

    4. Done!
    As you can see, FATXplorer makes it very easy to create custom sized USB content storage. You are now ready to enjoy 2013 with a a brand new way to store your content!

    If you run into any problems or have a question, feel free to post a reply or PM this account.

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    Re: How to beat the 32 GB USB limit and use up to 2 TB for game saves/DLC

    very nice tut you made Eaton
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    Re: How to beat the 32 GB USB limit and use up to 2 TB for game saves/DLC

    awesome tutorial made and shared Eaton :D
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    Great tut Eaton thanks for sharing :)
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    Re: How to beat the 32 GB USB limit and use up to 2 TB for game saves/DLC

    Well done.



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