Trying to get Max Payne 3 to swap discs over automatically on FSD 3. Heres my set up

USB0; Games\Max Payne 3\Disc1, Disc2.

I have gone into dashlaunch/behavious and made sure that auto swap is disabled. I have even checked my ini file and its ok,

Can anyone help me with this??? Its starting to do my head in. Thanks in advance guys.

Ive tried it on Dead Space 2 and its the same.

Here is the info off my Launch.ini
; launch.xex V3.0 config file
; parsed by simpleIni
; currently supported devices and paths:
; internal hard disk    Hdd:\
; usb memory stick      Usb:\
; memory unit           Mu:\
; USB memory unit       UsbMu:\
; big block NAND mu     FlashMu:\
; internal slim 4G mu	IntMu:\
; internal corona 4g mu MmcMu:\
; CD/DVD                Dvd:\     (not recommended to use this one)
; buttons can point to any xex, or any CON with default.xex in it on any of the above devices
; note that Right Bumper is ALWAYS default to return NXE
; if you want to assign an additional one, use the path Sfc:\dash.xex ie:
; BUT_A = Sfc:\dash.xex

; all comments and fields in this file are optional, you can remove anything you don't need
; sorry for any double negatives :p
; njoy, cOz

; example entry
; Default = Hdd:\FreeStyle\default.xex
BUT_A = 
BUT_B = 
BUT_X = 
BUT_Y = 
Start = 
Back = 
LBump = 
RThumb = 
LThumb = 

; Default is what loads when you hold no buttons
; leave this blank if you want NXE as default
Default = Hdd:\FreeStyle\default.xex

; at boot time, default can be overridden based on how the console is turned on
; if you start with wired/wireless/IR guide button, this item if existing will be used instead of default
; note that the Guide item is ALWAYS overridden by option: remotenxe = true
Guide = 

; if you power on with the button on the front of the console (or the power button on a remote if remotenxe is not set to true)
; this item will be used instead of default
Power = 

; if set, going to system settings from HUD will run this app, override with Right Bumper
Configapp = 

; if set, this will be run as a title before any other option occurs, does not get circumvented by held buttons or default
; guide/power opts are processed after this; intended for a short video player to allow replacing bootanim
Fakeanim = 

; by default this only dumps to UART, setting a file here will cause unhandled exception info to be dumped
; as text to a file. Same path restraints as the quick launch buttons.
; if exchandler is set to false, this option does nothing.
; note that this uses the first drive of the class found, so if you use usb: and have more than one usb device
; it may wind up on any of the usb devices depending on which was enumerated first. The path for the file is only
; checked on boot, so the device must be present at power on and at crash time for this to be effective
; ie: dumpfile = Usb:\crashlog.txt
Dumpfile = 

pingpatch = true
contpatch = true
fatalreboot = true
regionspoof = true
dvdexitdash = true
xblaexitdash = false
nosysexit = false
debugout = false
nxemini = false
remotenxe = true