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Skyrim help please.
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    Skyrim help please.

    Hey everyone longtime no post been busy with school, hope everyone had a good holidays. Since I got some downtime before I go back to college, I was playing a little bit of skyrim doing Revealing the Unseen quest for mages guild and my game is glitched. I can't get the light beams for the Focus the Oculory puzzle. Can someone please help me get past this stupid glitch or im just to stupid to figure it out either way can someone please help me I'm desperate. I tried to edit it on PC since I have it for pc, but I also have hearthfire and dragonborn DLC. Can someone please help me with this been at this all day. O ya I already switched it from 360 to PC format already. If Anyone can help me get past this I'm pretty sure I got like 48 hr code or some avatar gear from some games I think. But please I need help, and if its in the wrong spot I apologize mods please feel free to relocate.


    DragonBorn and Hearthfire.

    Yes I have tried all the youtube videos that explain how to do I'm just really stuck. Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Skyrim help please.

    Hi KageShinobi420

    Are you still having trouble with the quests?
    if so let me known and i try to help if i'm able too.

    Maya :3



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