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[Release] Final Fantasy XIII Complete Save Editor for X360 and PS3
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    Final Fantasy XIII Complete Save Editor for X360 and PS3

    Final Fantasy XIII Complete Save Editor v4.5

    To edit PS3 saves first use Jappi's encryption tool available here:

    Version 4.5: Now automatically handles encrypted xbox raw save files as well as unencrypted raw save files and
    encrypted save container files for those people who have problems with saves extracted using Horizon etc.
    Now also gives a more helpful error message when attempting to open PS3 saves that have not been decrypted.

    I've finally gotten around to making an editor for FF13 to go with my one for 13-2 since there isn't anything out there
    which provides the functionality I wanted. As usual the editor handles decryption, re-signing and re-encryption and
    automatically creates backups of any saves you open so you don't lose your game if you change your mind later.

    Editing Character Stats on Mass

    The Main tab offers some options for changing one or more stats for all main character at once. Simply choose the desired value
    and press Set. The character tabs will the update.

    Editing Characters and Abilities

    Once you open a save you will unlock the tabs allowing you to modify various aspects of your game. On the first six tabs
    you can modify the character's stats, equipment and abilities. When editing abilities, the character's current abilities are shown
    categorised in the list on the right and any remaining abilities that can be added are shown in the list on the left. You can move
    abilities around by selecting them and clicking the arrow buttons. You can only select equipment from the current inventory of items.

    Gil Editing

    A simple way of setting how much gil you have.

    Inventory Editing

    The Inventory tab shows your individual Items, Components, and Key Items. Each item's quantity can be set
    individually or on mass. The game's maximum is 99 per item but setting Components, for example, to 9999 can
    be useful for mass upgrades. You can enable shops and summons using the Key Item editor.


    You can add or remove weapons on this tab. To add a weapon, select it from the drop-down list and click add. To
    remove a weapon select it from the list and click Remove. You can also use the buttons to add one of each weapon
    with either base stats or max stats. To edit a weapon, select it from the list and click Edit or double-click.
    New weapons will have the minimum level and stats for that item.

    Editing Weapons

    This screen allows you to edit the level of a weapon. I'm not sure what the Power value does on weapons, I think nothing.


    You can add, remove and edit accessories on this tab. To add an accessory, select it from the drop-down list and click add.
    To remove an accessory, select it from the list and click Remove. You can also use the buttons to add one of each
    accessory with either base stats or max stats. To edit an accessory, select it from the list and click Edit.

    Editing Accessories

    This screen allows you to edit the level of an accessory. The Effect Power for accessories with passive bonuses like
    +HP%, +STR% etc can be modified to increase/decrease the bonus.


    This screen provides a single option to unlock all Enemy Intel saving you having to learn it before the AI will do optimal damage.

    So there you have it, I hope you enjoy it. If you have any problems please post and/or e-mail me including your save game.

    PS The editor requires the .NET Framework 4.0.


    Version 4.4:
    - Fixed huge bug in 4.3's updated datalog option which caused the crystalarium to be filled out preventing access to stats and abilities.
    - Fixed bug where the Gil box was not displayed correctly.

    Version 4.3:
    - Added option to edit number of unlocked Accessory slots per character.
    - Added option to edit TP.
    - Weapons with the passive abilities Silk Tiger and Paper Tiger added by the editor now correctly reduce the characters HP by default. This can be edited by changing the value of "EffectPower". Positive values will increase health instead!
    - Removed Lebreau and Gadot tabs... common, they were a bit pointless.

    Version 4.2: Fixed bug in 4.0/4/1 which caused "Index was outside the bounds of the array." errors when opening saves where the equipment table was not contiguous (as a result of selling random equipment to a shop).

    Version 4.1: Fixed bug in 4.0 which caused "Object not set to an instance of an object." errors when opening saves past the scene with Gadot and Lebreu.

    - Added options to set stats for main characters on mass.
    - Added option to max role levels for main characters.
    - Added missing duplicate option for weapons.
    - Added option to close without saving so you don't have to quit the app.

    Version 3.1:
    - Fixed a bug where after editing a save only Lightning's Equipped items were marked as equipped.
    - Fixed a bug where after editing a save no weapons or accessories could be sold to a shop (thanks to mrgrimm).

    Version 3.0:
    - Added tabs for Lebreau and Gadot because, well, I already had the offsets.
    - Added option to choose whether to save backups or not which persists through sessions.
    - Backups are now only created when saving instead of opening saves.
    - Ditched the images because it made the file unnecessarily large and on the whole just annoyed me.

    Version 2.1:
    - Corrected max level and scaling for several accessories.
    - Add Duplicate option to accessory editor to allow easy duplication of modified accessories.
    - Enabled multi-select for weapon and accessory lists.

    Version 2.0:
    - Updated the UI to make it easier to use and added extra options when editing lists.
    - Accessory Power values now scale correctly when added on mass.
    - Now uses my safe NumericUpDown control to prevent errors when opening saves edited with other editors.
    - Fixed tab orders.

    Version 1.2: Added remaining missing Pre-L'Cie abilities so you can edit saves before the characters become L'Cie without errors.

    Version 1.1:
    - Fixed a bug with the Enemy Intel option, it now works as intended instead of clearing all intel. Doh.
    - Also added a missing ability for Sazh before he becomes a L'Cie. More to come I expect.`
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    Excellent work on your editor KillerMiles it looks great, great share bro :)
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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII Complete Save Editor

    Version 1.1: Fixed a bug with the Enemy Intel option, it now works as intended instead of clearing all intel. Doh.
    Also added a missing ability for Sazh before he becomes a L'Cie. More to come I expect.

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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII Complete Save Editor

    great work on my frriend

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    Awesome save editor! Thank you! I'm a big FF fan :)
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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII Complete Save Editor

    Very nice job on the editor! Guess it's time for another playthrough of XIII and XII-2.
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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII Complete Save Editor

    awesome job on this editor Killermiles :)
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    Re: Final Fantasy XIII Complete Save Editor

    Version 1.2: Added remaining missing Pre-L'Cie abilities so you can edit saves before the characters become L'Cie
    without errors.


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