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Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4: Expectation vs Final Product
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    Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4: Expectation vs Final Product

    I was rather excited for both releases. A huge Halo fan, while not much of a CoD fan, I like Black Ops better than Modern Warfare. I had high expectations for both game and had them smashed on release.

    Halo 4 has forgotten it's roots and what made it a great non Call of Duty clone. Very few weapons on the maps? Specializations? Classes? No thanks. Firefight was replaced with Spartan Ops, and while I enjoy Spartan Ops, it cannot replace Firefight mode. WTF was 343 thinking? It feels more sluggish and clunky than it's former releases. In my opinion, like Icarus, they aspired for too much and flew too close to the sun. They burned out almost all of what made Halo great. Disappointing...

    While expectations for Black Ops 2 were not set high, I feel let down about zombies mode. I was under the impression there was to be a zombies campaign. That would have been amazing. While it is an improvement from the previous versions, I feel they didn't take enough steps forward.

    What do you think? Am I over analyzing them? Do I expect more advancements between releases? Do you agree with me? Maybe you like them how they are... Let me know.

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    Well honestly i think 343 did a great job with Halo but the ending was a little disappointing i was expecting a more epic ending but whatever n black ops 2 honestly i play it every day I'm already on my 7th prestige about to hit 8 where I'm really disappointed is the same as you zombies i hate it don't like it only play it ones never again just multiplayer for me :)
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    Re: Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4: Expectation vs Final Product

    i dont like Black ops at all , i dont play multiplayer so i cant say anything much on that for halo 4, but i did enjoy the campaign
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    Re: Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4: Expectation vs Final Product

    Ok, don't get me wrong. Halo 4 is a good game... Just not a good Halo game, in my opinion. Then again, everything changes.

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    Re: Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4: Expectation vs Final Product

    I'm so fucking tired of hearing people bitch about Call of Duty or any other game for that matter. Do you realize the amount of time these development teams put into these games trying to get them out every year thanks to Activision's collective greedy asses? How much work the artists, writers, programmers, etc have to spend doing what they do? I think Black Ops 2 is an amazing game and i'm not a big Treyarch fan. I felt Halo 4 was rushed and feels clunky and unpolished. Not to mention it doesn't even feel like Halo anymore with the departure of the team who created the series. What do people expect; Call of Duty to make the best Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombie game that will be released that year? That's a big package to have all of these things put into one and for each to deliver a great gaming experience. I still play NES EVERY day and I have the original "toaster" and the 101 "Top Loader" model, and hearing people piss and moan about gaming in this day and age as if they're the Roger Eberts of video gaming make me want to shoot myself.
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    Re: Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4: Expectation vs Final Product

    I am not complaining about Black Ops 2 as a whole. I am disappointed in the main reason I got the game, which was Zombies mode. It is much better than it used to be, I just thought there was going to be an actual campaign for zombies. And as far as Halo goes, I agree that it doesn't even feel like Halo. It's like they tried to copy CoD instead of chasing their own thing. And yeah, I do know that the development process is long and stressful. I know some people that work on games. It's not as fun as one would imagine. Long hours and stressful deadlines. I do not envy them, but I respect what they do. I am not saying either game is a bad game. I am saying they weren't how I expected them to be. Hence the "Expectation vs Final Project" part of the title. I am not opening up this discussion to have people bash the games. I just wanted to know if they thought they lived up to the hype and met expectations. Kind of like music... I hate country music, but I would never say they are bad musicians. It's just not what I like.

    And there is a way to make your point without getting rude.

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    Re: Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4: Expectation vs Final Product

    Forgive my previous comment if you were not intending to be rude. It seemed that way. So, sorry in advance if that was not the case.

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    Black ops vs halo seriously there both good
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