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[Release] DmC Devil May Cry Editor v1.2
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    DmC Devil May Cry Editor v1.2

    Hey guys, here is my Editor for DmC :P

    dmca Do not post this on any other website without my permission!!!

    1. Extract the "PROFILE" file from your "SAVE00" file to the "DmC" Folder that is included
    2. Open the "DmC" folder and Double-click the "Decrypt - PROFILE.bat" file
    3. Open the "PROFILE.d" file into the Editor
    4. Mod what you want and press Save
    5. Close the Editor and Double-click the "Encrypt - PROFILE.bat" file
    6. Replace the "PROFILE.rebuilt" file back into your "SAVE00" file
    7. Rehash/Resign
    8. PLAY!!!
    VIDEO TUTORIAL (Credit to Original Boss):



    UPDATE v1.2:
    - Added the option to mod Upgrade Points
    - Added the option to enable Infinite Health
    - Added the option to enable Infinite Devil Trigger (Use the LARGE DEVIL TRIGGER STAR first)
    dmca Do not post this on any other website without my permission!!!

    Thanks to feudalnate for PackageIO
    Big thanks to fairchild for figuring out the Encryption on the game
    Thanks to Original Boss for making the Video Tutorial
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    Top work my friend. Thanks a lot

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    Re: DmC Devil May Cry Editor v1.0

    Thank you!

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    Re: DmC Devil May Cry Editor v1.0

    F*cking amazing idle .. Thank you sir \ _ /
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    Re: DmC Devil May Cry Editor v1.0

    thanks alot bout to check out this game today

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    Re: DmC Devil May Cry Editor v1.0

    good stuff. you need more saves to get upgrade points working? let me know. i beat the game already.

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    Re: DmC Devil May Cry Editor v1.0

    oh yess, i tested it, and it worksss yeah ^^ , now to wait for the release of upgrade pointsss yee

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    Re: DmC Devil May Cry Editor v1.0

    thanks that was fast


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