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Resident evil 5 save mod
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    Resident evil 5 save mod

    Can someone help me mod my resident evil 5 gold edition save file,I want max money and skill points

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    Re: Resident evil 5 save mod

    this is my save file
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    Re: Resident evil 5 save mod

    Quote Originally Posted by EPinoliar View Post
    this is my save file
    here you go: BLUS3027010AE.rar
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    Quote Originally Posted by CloudStrife7x View Post
    here you go: BLUS3027010AE.rar
    My boy Cloud to the rescue lol :p
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    Re: Resident evil 5 save mod

    I was really hoping that I could just switch the data, but my xbox keeps telling me that it is corrupted. I would really appreciate some help maxing out my money and exchange points. I have tried to do it with my hex-editing app and have failed. I have read there is a checksum, but I do not know where to find it. I have a regular unmodded xbox , so I only do save edits. Can anyone help me, by either telling me what I need to edit or editing it for me? WHile I would very much like for somebody to tell me how to do it for myself, I wouldn't mind if they just did it for me. here is my current save savedata.bin.zip
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