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VS2010 doesn't break correct Offsets[RE4 HD]
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    VS2010 doesn't break correct Offsets[RE4 HD]

    I'm trying to create a trainer for RE4 HD for Xbox 360. It's NTSC. I got the offsets needed to get the break, but when I try it, VS2010 doesn't want to pick up the changed value. It is the correct value as I edited the value with Peek&Poke, it works fine. I just can't get VS2010 to pick up the break. How can I fix this?

    These are the offsets I got from editing:
    Pistol Ammo:
    C3998B34 | 0xA3998B34 - 4 bytes
    C3998B36 | 0xA3998B36 - 2 bytes

    8291D848 | 0x8291D848 - 4 bytes

    EDIT: I was able to get Health to breakpoint, I'm still unable to get AMMO and MONEY to breakpoint.
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