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PS3 3k3y ODE
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Thread: PS3 3k3y ODE

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    Traine Dev

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    PS3 3k3y ODE

    More info (Source: Eurasia)

    3k3y is here.
    3k3y is the state of the art of PS3 drive emulation from the de facto leaders in drive emulation.

    Feature List
    - Play all PS3 games
    - Play all PS2/PS1 games*+
    - Plug n play installation
    - Compatible with all currently available OFW/CFW versions
    - Original 3k3y app for extracting drive key**
    - User friendly OSD interface for managing your 3k3y
    - Optional remote (compatible with Xk3y remote)
    - Powerful embedded Linux platform
    - Supports most popular file systems such as EXT2.3.4, Mac OS X and NTFS
    - Emulation and transparent passthrough modes
    - Both CPU and FPGA are fully in-system updatable
    - Sleek and beautiful Wifi interface***
    - Movie ISO playback+
    - Not manufactured in China****

    * Requires compatible PS3.
    ** Currently fw =< 3.55 is required for extracting the drive key. After this the FW can be upgraded freely. This holds true for all ODEs, see below for more details
    *** Requires Wifi dongle sold separately
    **** That's why we can deliver despite CNY
    + This feature will be added in an upcoming firmware


    Quantity 3k3y+Ripper 3k3y only Ripper Only Wifi dongle Remote
    1k up USD63 USD52 USD13 USD10 USD20
    500pcs USD67 USD55 USD15 USD10 USD22
    250pcs USD70 USD60 USD15 USD12 USD25
    100pcs USD75 USD65 USD16 USD14 USD27

    Products developed by our team members, such as Xk3y, Wode, and Wiikey Fusion have outsold products in direct competition by a factor. The same thing goes for many of our other products such as Qoob and Wiikey.

    The question many people are asking about it compatibility with various firmwares and PS3 models. Let us state the facts here, which are true for 3k3y as well as any other PS3 ODE:

    Key extraction
    Currently a firmware <= 3.55 is required for drive key extraction. We are very close to completing a relatively user friendly hardware method for extracting keys from PS3's on any firmware. Until we have it working in a commercial environment we will not promote this as a feature, even though it is very likely to happen in the immediate future.

    As of now there are no PS3 ODEs that works with a PS3 that cannot be put on 3.55 firmware for key dumping. Period.

    Compatible models
    3k3y was developed for the fat ps3, which is supported out of the box. Now when the hardware is finished we will start working on adapter boards for the Slim models which do not have the drive controller integrated on the motherboard.
    Once that is done we will look into whether is it possible to make an adapter board for the Slims with integrated controller that can be installed with a reasonable effort.

    Super Slim
    Due to the size constraints and different interface (SATA instead of PATA) we have developed a super small sexy hardware especially for the Super Slim model. Final testing and release will commence once we have hardware key extraction working.

    ISO file format
    3k3y, as well as any other sane ODE uses a full ISO file. Scene releases were in this format up until the jailbreak dongle came along. Currently it is more popular to release the decrypted file system, as it may be smaller than a full ISO. However, decrypted file system backups lacks essential data necessary to emulate the disk properly and are very easy for Sony to detect on PSN. In fact Sony has made a public statement warning PSN users about this.
    We are currently looking into the possibility of creating software to recreate the ISO from decrypted dumps, but this is WIP.

    Game Ripping
    This is an essential feature as the full ISO is needed. We have high speed hardware that connects to Mac or PC and dumps a full size ISO in no time. Its right here and now.

    An upcoming firmware for 3k3y will include in-system disk ripping, but disk ripping with 3k3y or any other ODE will be extremely slow compared to using our dedicated hardware.

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    Traine Dev

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    3K ISO Menu pr0n...

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    Re: PS3 3k3y ODE

    getting one soon



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