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Dark Souls Help
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Thread: Dark Souls Help

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    amazing Dark Souls Help

    First of all i hope this is the right place to post this, apologies if it isnt.

    Ive been watching my friend play dark souls on the pc for quite a while now so i thought id give it a go, now little did i realise that when he was playing it he had a modded save which would explain why he made everything look so easy. I have started a new game as a sorcerer and getting smacked around left right and centre. Ive defeated the taurus demon and thats it lol.

    I was basically hoping some of you had some tips or kind words of inspiration lol.


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    Re: Dark Souls Help

    try looking youtube there are a lot of guids on how to defeat the bosses and a road map

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    Re: Dark Souls Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadekor View Post
    Nice share

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    Re: Dark Souls Help

    Try searching Youtube for a guy named Seraphim17, he's got lots of Dark Souls content and following his lead with help you get better at the game!

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    Re: Dark Souls Help

    What the others are telling you IS the way to go. I did not mod for some time, I watched a lot of You Tube and flew through the game after that. Once you are through the first time it is all easy now for many more runs through the game and so much more fun. NOW mod and take it to the next level of fun.

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    Re: Dark Souls Help

    Like the others have said, Youtube is really the way to go for a new player. Seeing others fail/succeed can really help alot.

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    Re: Dark Souls Help

    You'll die many, many times. It's normal in this game. You just need to practise. You can also try save editors if you want, or summon phantoms. They can help you a lot :P.


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