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WWE'13 The Usos Siva Tau Audio Fix
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    WWE'13 The Usos Siva Tau Audio Fix

    dmca Do Not Post This On Any Other Website Without My Permission

    Here is the README -

    The Usos Siva Tau Audio Fix by Brien L. Johnson AKA brienj, President and Owner of XHP Creations

    This file is only allowed to be hosted at 360Haven.com unless you give a link back. Posting this readme unedited with the download is sufficient enough. Requests to host elsewhere can be made to [email protected]


    v1.0 - Intial and Only release


    - Fixes the Siva Tau war dance audio from playing during the after match highlights
    - Fixes the unneeded apostrophe in their name in the Titantron (very irritating to people that can spell, like me)


    Place the "408.bik2" file in the \movies\titantron folder where your WWE13 game is installed. Also, open up DLC3 in a hexeditor and search for all instances of "408.bik2". Replace all instances with "428.bik2" or any other number not used by the game. Next, open your DLC3 in LeFluffie and sign for Dev Live. While doing all of this, burn the "WWE 13 Usos Fixed Theme.mp3" audio file to a CD and rip the CD to your HD in the audio player on the Xbox 360 dashboard. Next, make a playlist out of the audio and name it whatever you want to. Next, edit their tag team entrance in WWE13 and select the playlist you made, making sure to choose "The Usos2" as the Titantron. Now go play a tag team match with them. Win the match. They after match highlights will now play, and all you will hear is the cheering fans, then just as the ring announcer says, "Here are your winners ...", their music will start playing.

    If you need any extra help, just go to http://www.xhpcreations.com and there are links to the XHP Creations Twitter and Facebook page where I can help if needed or post your questions in the topic for the program at 360Haven.com or Smacktalks.org. If you like this work and feel like donating anything, contact me on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/XHPCreations and send a message to get my email address for my PayPal. Only serious requests for my new email, and if you really plan on donating.

    Hope you enjoy!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Download link -

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    Re: WWE'13 The Usos Siva Tau Audio Fix

    great share brienj
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    Re: WWE'13 The Usos Siva Tau Audio Fix

    great share brienj
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    Great share brienj :)
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    Re: WWE'13 The Usos Siva Tau Audio Fix

    Only just seen this. Nice fix :)

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    Re: WWE'13 The Usos Siva Tau Audio Fix

    Thanks Brienj,

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    Re: WWE'13 The Usos Siva Tau Audio Fix

    I need to try the out

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    Re: WWE'13 The Usos Siva Tau Audio Fix

    Thanks again Brien, you do great things


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