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WWE 2013
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Thread: WWE 2013

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    WWE 2013

    yo i was wondering if anyone had hacked movesets please tell me or pm me link or just post it here or give me a tut link so i can do it if anyone helps thanks <3

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    Re: WWE 2013

    Why would anyone give you a hacked moveset? Just so you can go ruin the online play for every one else? no, no one will give you a hacked moveset, and if you are really that bad at the game where you need a pinglitch to win, maybe you should just stick to playing offline :p

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    Re: WWE 2013

    Thats why i never played online too much of this shit

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    Re: WWE 2013

    Why get a hacked moveset if u lose you lose

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    Re: WWE 2013

    Agree with all these guys,honestly the game is already good no need to hack the moveset.

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    Re: WWE 2013

    Played a lot of players online with these movesets, not too fun.



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