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Xbox 360 Wireless adapter on Vista??
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    Xbox 360 Wireless adapter on Vista??

    Hello everyone. Ive been looking everywhere and im a bit confused. I believed that the wireless network adapter was just a generic one with Xbox casing and such. But when i hook it up to my pc there is no drivers for it. I downloaded the Microsoft gaming hardware driver package from their website and the drivers werent in it. is there a way to find the drivers? It seem like such a simpe problem but I cannot find a solution

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    Re: Xbox 360 Wireless adapter on Vista??

    I knew I had a reason to feel stupid about this. There is a microship in the adapter that allows for hardware verification between the xbox and xbox hardware. I believe its calle "xbox security method 1". so when the adapter is used on any other usb port, if it doesnt pass this security check it will not function properly. So now my question is, has anyone hacked this yet? lol

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    Re: Xbox 360 Wireless adapter on Vista??

    Assuming you are trying to get your 360 controller working on your PC. I seem to remember an issue when I got mine from Amazon for like $15. There were 2 different software downloads I had to do. One was Microsoft Common Controller for Windows class in the device manager section. The other was for Xbox 360 wireless controller directly from Microsoft. I can double check the exact ones I'm using when I get home, but this should point you in the right direction.
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