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Thread: Seeking help...

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    Seeking help...

    I have recently posted for help in another forum on this sight, but to no avail. I am using fates veil save editor for Kingdoms of Amalur, but any time skill points are added, the xbox freezes when loading the game. I have posted this issue in the proper forums, but for the last three days I haven't gotten so much as a peep from anyone. So if ANYONE at all can try to help me figure out this issue I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance :)

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    Re: Seeking help...

    Hello Krail,

    Fate's Veil - Kingdom of Amalur Save Editor created by cybersam can be found here (see link below)

    Quote Originally Posted by cybersam View Post
    well...i hope you made a backup ^_^
    you could try to level up to max level first... by changing your exp...
    for this you need to load your save after you edit your exp and kill some monsters each kill should give you one 1 level...
    when you hit max level save and edit your skill/ability points don't go over the max points...
    save and load it again...
    unequip any item you have (at least those that have stat changing bonuses) and click on the level up button in the menu
    once done... re-equip your items and save the game again (in a new slot)
    exist your menu and play a bit further
    save in jet another new slot... exit the game and start it again...
    first load the sae game after you leveled up... to see if it still works... if it does then you are good to go... if not... try the other one...

    I hope you will find this information helpful :)
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    Re: Seeking help...

    I tried these instructions days ago, and tried different variations of save/edit/equip. However everything involving the skill points freezes up. Thanks for the reply though, its the first one I've gotten LOL!

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    Re: Seeking help...

    Try modding your skill points by just 1 or 2 and see if it still freezes. Often times, when a person tries to mod certain values too high, it can cause an overflow in the game, and the game will freeze when attempting to read the value. If it doesn't freeze with a ridiculously small addition, then it's just a game of finding the cap; if it does freeze, then there's something else that's wrong (maybe a detail that Cyber overlooked, or issues with conflicts within the save structure, that sort of thing).
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    Re: Seeking help...

    It does it even with one point. I found a way around it, I just have to add the bonuses to gear instead of modding the actual skill points.



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