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Any Decent device explorers other than Horizon?
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    Any Decent device explorers other than Horizon?

    Hey community :D I was wondering if there is any decent explorers about other than horizon, Recently i have been having trouble with it -.-

    Also, if you can relate to problems with horizon such as the program won't load etc; join in ;D

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    Re: Any Decent device explorers other than Horizon?

    Modio is better. Use that instead. I think its in here somewhere...

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    Re: Any Decent device explorers other than Horizon?

    Modio causes horrible problems with corrupting saves when rehashing/resigning due to its flawed processes, especially when a specific save has an internal hash or encryption/compression; it works decently for about half the saves out there, but should be avoided for that other half (often time when somebody is complaining that their save is corrupt, the reason is that they use Modio).

    Horizon is what I use most often, but Infinity is a great one as well. Link is here: http://www.360haven.com/forums/threa...-%96-infinity/. There's also Le Fluffie, but I personally never really liked it.

    Those are just the well known ones. There are literally dozens of device explorers out there.
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    Re: Any Decent device explorers other than Horizon?

    I use most of them out there, while Horizon is the best in my opinion, i prefer modio, just because its quicker to use for me :/
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    Re: Any Decent device explorers other than Horizon?

    Using Modio

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    Re: Any Decent device explorers other than Horizon?

    Xtaf,Party Buffalo,Modio,Concept



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