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Me and Homura's little chat on MSN...
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    Me and Homura's little chat on MSN...

    Just figured I'd share :)

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Hello there Homura.

    Ryner Lute says

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Bravo Sir, Bravo.

    Ryner Lute says
    on what?

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    I think we know what.
    Tell your little friend from New Jersey to come at me.

    Ryner Lute says
    nope not sure what you mean lol. I don't know anyone from there haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Onto bigger things.
    Tick tock.
    It's only a matter of time.

    Ryner Lute says
    for what?

    Xemnas Xehanort says

    Ryner Lute says
    my site is taken down already. guessing that is sephiroths dirty work?
    (caught his ip doing it lol but he didn't get anything haha.
    and we backed everything up so it can be back up at anytime)

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    It was me (Said this for lulz)

    Ryner Lute says
    I already know his IP so haha. no.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Oh really?
    Restore the server

    Ryner Lute says
    yes really.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    I'll do it again.
    Do you perhaps have Skype or AIM?

    Ryner Lute says
    we are going to later. right now too busy making a tool your pathetic site is dying
    to get the source of haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says

    Ryner Lute says
    and yep but why would I give my contact info out haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says

    Ryner Lute says
    yeah lol

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    That shit was reversed 3 days ago.

    Ryner Lute says
    lmfao haha sure >.>

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Nobody wants your shit that uses functions of PackageIO and X360dll
    and what's worse, you try to profit from it.
    How sad.
    Are you really that desperate?

    Ryner Lute says
    it doesn't use those haha. that is proof you haven't reversed it haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Oh, when will I be hearing from your Lawyers?

    Ryner Lute says
    you haven't gotten shit even though you think you have haha. your nubs.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Want my address and phone numbers and stuff?
    I'll make it easier for you

    Ryner Lute says
    nah already got them haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Where am I from then?
    What's my current location.
    You really are a dumb 20 year old cretin aren't you. You're such a fool.

    Ryner Lute says
    LMFAO your not site admin so your insignificant lol

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    I'm pretty sure I am

    Ryner Lute says
    sephs info is all that matters

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    On top of that. How does one go about law enforcement,
    then "their tool" modified the xbox 360 software by Microsoft?
    Oh did i forget to mention that's illegal?
    You are dumb.

    Ryner Lute says
    you are dumb haha djshepard has his source protected it is same fucking thing haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Shall we take a little trip to the DMCA and see what they think of it?
    DJ has his source protected...
    Did that stop little nubs like you using it and profiting?
    No, it didn't.
    You did not answer the question.

    Ryner Lute says
    copyright protections. you send in your source and they fucking protect it.
    and dj doesn't care even if we did use it which we didn't since it had annoying
    functions in it (didn't like it's stfs)

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Kid, stfu
    There's a fascinating world out there that is to be explorered.
    Yet you'd rather sit at the computer on your fat ass copying and pasting source code.

    Ryner Lute says
    and besides all that info is all over the net.
    and you can find all the info to make your own IO class lol all over the internet
    has all the info needed.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    All you do is make a GUI
    Nuff said

    Ryner Lute says
    and how do you know I do that haha lol
    your stupid as hell you never saw me code anything haha.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Because. I fucking watched you on teamviewer back when we were gonna do the Enchanted arms editor
    you're right. I haven't seen you code. Because you copy and paste shit.
    You are an illiterate cretin Sir.
    I liked your attempt at boosting some morality for your poor excuse of an app

    Ryner Lute says
    we never did anything in team viewer other then GUI because you didn't know shit
    lol so I went and just made the tool with my research and funny you say I stole
    your work when I had full source that had all the info for all characters, skills, items haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    "oh i stumbled upon this on youtube"

    Ryner Lute says
    fucking noob

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Really Sir?
    It's funny you had nothing, yet when I sent my character hex blocks. You had everything

    Ryner Lute says
    yes really I even sent you that c# source that was based off save file structure.
    so your really a dumb noob haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    You're beginning to hurt my brain.
    You really are a fucking idiot aren't you.

    Ryner Lute says
    no I think you are the idiot

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Does mommy not love you?
    lack of attention from daddykins?

    Ryner Lute says
    you have to steal other peoples sources and troll to make yourself feel better
    about how lousy a person you are.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    No? Just yours

    Ryner Lute says
    when in reality you even fail at that

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Nobody even likes you.

    Ryner Lute says
    reversed it my ass haha I reversed it myself and it didn't say shit lol

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    You're a lonely little boy.

    Ryner Lute says
    oh yeah that is why a few of my tools get over 30k views and I have tons of
    friends willing to do anything lol

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    I just lol'd
    well done Sir, not many can do that.

    Ryner Lute says
    BTW I put password locks on all of them haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Your joke was priceless.

    Ryner Lute says
    check my thread at your shitty site. far cry 3..
    yeah has over 37k downloads lol
    and I improved that tool in AtrunaX so it works now for all saves.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Shitty site? That's funny. I remember that's where you wanted to re-join again
    because you knew you were lonely and needed to depend on others to copy and paste code =/
    Oh my. Looks like little Homura has gained some help

    Ryner Lute says
    no I re-joined because some of your members were begging me to haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Nobody begged you for shit
    Nobody even mentioned your name

    Ryner Lute says
    how do you know? and yeah cause you little bitches would ban them haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    No? because I had a look at your little Pm's boy

    Ryner Lute says
    lmfao haha. they contacted me on my AIM, Skype and shit haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Show me these logs baby?
    Oh wait, there are none. Just keep digging yourself into a bigger hole little boy.
    Inb4 he goes on notepad and types some random shit that even then still has his terrible spelling.

    Ryner Lute says
    why would I give you my personal logs? really stupid haha.
    and LMFAO
    you guys are all so childish.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Oh look, best cover up ever. Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAMbulance

    Ryner Lute says
    lol funny

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Fucking halarious right?
    Remember your goodbye to Haven post?

    Ryner Lute says
    yeah at how immature you are.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    That nobody cared about?
    That was funny
    All that whining for no reason.
    All in vain.

    Ryner Lute says
    lol that is why they sent me pms at xpg wanting me back haha

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    I'd like to see these PM's
    oh are they personal logs that do not exist too?
    Perhaps you want some milk and cookies?

    Ryner Lute says
    I know if I tell you who they are you will ban them. I don't sell out my friends
    seph already banned a few people for no fucking reason

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    I won't ban anyone unless they have done something bad.
    Why the fuck would anyone ban someone for asking a copypaste nub to come back to a site.
    Seph banned 2 people
    2 people that were unbanned
    Hazard and Gold

    Ryner Lute says
    your forgetting dippidip who didn't do anything wrong noob

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Who the fuck is dippidip

    Ryner Lute says
    he was a lite dev at 360 haven and got banned for no reason by seph
    just cause he worked with me in the past.

    Xemnas Xehanort says
    Brb HomuraFag.

    Ryner Lute has left the conversation

    That guys, is an example of how retarded Homura is.
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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: Me and Homura's little chat on MSN...

    Lmao i should post all the shit he said on aim about stealing sources lol. Nice, hes so dumb and dieing slowly. LMAO

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    Re: Me and Homura's little chat on MSN...

    That was an epic read nice one ren!

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    Re: Me and Homura's little chat on MSN...

    This kid has absolutely no respect.............wtf? after receiving help normal people usually show some appreciation. Needs a good kick up the bum.
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    Re: Me and Homura's little chat on MSN...

    A lot of "ur stupid" and "no ur stupid" going around to be sure, but Ren pulled it in pretty neatly towards the end there. It's great to know that, on this site, you get punished the same as everybody else when you break rules, regardless of status; developers and VIPs aren't any more immune to the ban hammer than regular members, and I love it! One of the many reasons I like it here.

    Thanks for sharing, Ren.
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    Re: Me and Homura's little chat on MSN...

    LOL I wasn't expecting it to be so long. 360HAVEN is the best 360 modding site.
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    Re: Me and Homura's little chat on MSN...

    lol I remember when I called him out on one of his editors and he got super mad at me and started acting like a baby. I think it was pureISO that sent me an email and gave me a warning. I said from the start that he didnt know what he was doing. If something goes wrong that required re coding off the beating path, the editor would just sit there broken

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    Re: Me and Homura's little chat on MSN...

    Wait, you're 20?


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