I've been playing Dishonored for a while now and after I finished mission 2, the stats said that I killed 1 hostile (which I don't remember doing), so I thought to myself i'll just finish the game, then use mission select to finish mission 2 properly. Reading through the achievement guide today I noticed that some of the end-game achievements will be void if I use mission select and that I would have to finish missions 2, 3, and 4 all over again, instead of just finishing the one faulty mission, and I just don't feel like doing it all over again because each mission took me over 2 hours to finish without getting detected and without killing anyone, and it was extremely frustrating at some points. So if anyone can post their save at the beginning of mission 5 in an undetected/non-killing playthrough, I would really appreciate it. I need a someone's save who hasn't finished the game yet, because I don't want achievements popping up all over the place, in other words, at the beginning of mission 5 (undetected/non-killing playthrough) would be great.

Thanks in advance.