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Xbox Durango leaker claims he was raided by police
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    Xbox Durango leaker claims he was raided by police


    SuperDaE, the individual behind several next-gen Xbox 720 leaks claims he has been raided by the police in a comment he posted on Twitter.

    The Xbox Durango leaker tweeted “police raided me”, later adding that it was an “FBI agent and 7-8 police” officers that arrived at his house with search warrants. The industry insider also wrote: “I find it hilarious how the warrant only really mentions ‘Microsoft’, ‘eBay’, ‘PayPal’.”

    Perhaps catching the attention of the authorities was the eBay auction SuperDaE started for an alleged development kit for the next-gen Xbox, codenamed Durango. The bidding for the Durango PC on eBay finished today, with the final price settling at just over AU $50,000 (£33,000).

    The SuperDaE character is suspected to be a developer and has been the source of many of the Xbox Durango hardware rumours circulating online. He has already said the next Microsoft console will come with an always-on Xbox Kinect sensor built-in, and could make game installations obligatory.

    Xbox 720 Rumours
    Latest leaks have detailed the prospective specs for the Xbox 720, which could have the same 8-core processor as the Sony PS4 but with a boosted 8GB of RAM, in comparison to the Sony console’s 4GB.

    Games will reportedly be played on Blu-ray discs, seeing as the upcoming Microsoft console should feature a Blu-ray drive. The current HDD system offered by the Xbox 360 allowing users to upgrade their storage may be scrapped, with the Xbox 720 instead utilising a fixed hard drive design.

    The Xbox 720 launch could also be paired with four new Microsoft IPs, including a title codenamed ‘Mango’ from Ubisoft with a huge budget of around £11.5 million. The former Microsoft Games Studios Vancouver, Black Tusk, also revealed it is working on an Xbox 720 unique IP tipped to be a AAA grade shooter experience with Kinect.

    An Xbox 720 launch is all-but-confirmed for E3 2013, with latest reports setting an Xbox 720 release date for some time in October 2013.

    What would make you chose an Xbox 720 over a PS4? Do you think that SuperDaE really has been raided by the police or is it a publicity stunt? Give us your thoughts on the matter via the Trusted Reviews Facebook and Twitter feeds or the comment boxes below.
    Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/x...3B4Rw5KBa48.99
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    Re: Xbox Durango leaker claims he was raided by police

    well rumors until i see microsoft reveal the console themselves lol, but some interesting stuff Sterling
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    Re: Xbox Durango leaker claims he was raided by police

    yes very interesting indeed
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    We'll see the real deal at E3 this year, this a gonna be an awesome year can't wait :D
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    Re: Xbox Durango leaker claims he was raided by police

    Forced Kinect? Sorry, don't like, will apply adhesive tape on Cam, put the Mic in a Bag and vacuumize it, problem solved....

    And if they really use an old and slow Bluray as new Media instead of fast Memorycards, i, well then i really will consider buying a PS4 instead, especially if they really force Kinect to be on.

    Also i heard that there is a new Controller, old ones does not work because they use a new Protocol to make all older incompatible, just another Thing that annoys me and could be the last Nail for the coffin, especially combined with the Stuff above.

    Well, lets hope its only bad rumors...

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    Re: Xbox Durango leaker claims he was raided by police

    Quote Originally Posted by Sterling Archer View Post
    What would make you chose an Xbox 720 over a PS4?
    The ridiculous amount of RAM. For a gaming computer, 8GB RAM is about standard these days. But then again, you're running the game, the OS, usually an internet connection, and hopefully an anti-virus suite, and that's all just the minimum; who knows how many programs the average PC gamer has running in the background. But with a console, you're running only one thing: the game. That's why the 360 was able to get away with a measly 512MB. The jump that's (allegedly) being made is enormous!

    The PS3 is a nice console. But its biggest downfall as a piece of hardware is that it just isn't as powerful as the 360. Sure, the exclusives run great, but games that are released for both consoles tend to run better on the 360 (for instance, PS3 usually suffers frame rate drops when there are a lot of on-screen objects, a la Armored Core). And do you know why? Both consoles have 512MB of RAM, but the PS3 divides it up evenly between system RAM and VRAM. The system RAM can be used for anything that needs it, but the VRAM can only be used for video rendering. So when (like the aforementioned example) there are a lot of objects on screen, it's partially a video issue but mostly a processing issue; when the 256MB system memory runs out, the PS3 doesn't have any more RAM to help process all the objects at once. The 360, however, can use all 512MB however it needs to.

    And what's (allegedly) happening here? PS4 will have a whopping 4GB RAM (hopefully not divided between system RAM and VRAM like the PS3), but the new Xbox will have a ridiculous 8GB RAM (which, if they're smart, will also not be divided). The RAM alone will be why I'll get an Xbox before a PS4. Just because the Kinect will always be on doesn't mean we'll always have to use it. Besides, I like the idea behind Kinect, I just don't want to shell out another $200 for one when there aren't any worthwhile games to be played with it. If it comes with the console, then I'm fine.

    All that said, I'll still be getting a WiiU before -ANY- of the other two consoles. I'm a Nintendo fanboy through and through. That's just how I role. ;)
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    Re: Xbox Durango leaker claims he was raided by police

    interesting indeed... Good read there.. I'm just hoping they update all hardware...
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    Re: Xbox Durango leaker claims he was raided by police

    Yeah, i hope Xbox comes really hard with better specs and more features than PS4!!



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