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Dark souls easier hacked or unhacked
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    Dark souls easier hacked or unhacked

    I was wanting to do some exploring in dark souls and really wanted to know if it would be easier to do it with a hacked game save or just a normal playthrough. I know that the higher your soul level, the higher the souls level and skills your invaders will be. I have both a hacked save and a normal save. which one should I use to explore?

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    Re: Dark souls easier hacked or unhacked

    unhacked was easier for me but after 1 play through i hate this game

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    Re: Dark souls easier hacked or unhacked

    lol its easier (like any game) if you mod it if you're worried about the enemys being too hard dont mod your level instead mod your hp mp and stamina to max

    hope that helps
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    Re: Dark souls easier hacked or unhacked

    alot of the people that invade your game will be hacked

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    Re: Dark souls easier hacked or unhacked

    Quote Originally Posted by shadekor View Post
    alot of the people that invade your game will be hacked
    Very true. My advice would be to even the playing field. Or play it in offline mode.

    All games are easier when modded, and Dark Souls is no exception. That said, this is a game that's made on the selling point that it's hard. Take away the difficulty and it very quickly becomes a boring game. FromSoftware is really good at making games based around a single concept with the exception of all else, and that concept in Dark Souls is the difficulty; take that away and you take away the only reason to play the game in the first place.

    If you've beaten the game at least once already, I'd say go for it. If this is your first playthrough, then I'd advise to wait until beating it first so that you can get the most out of the game; modding it too early will ruin it for you.
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