ok so im having nothing but troubles with the save editor, ive watched numerous videos but still have problems. can anyone do me a favor and just get me what i want to my lvl 10 character? all i want is a few (hundred) things, 99 twinkling, large, slabs and chucks, 99 souls of a great hero or whatever they r called the ones that give 20k souls, 99 cracked red eye orbs, 1 black knight greataxe (not upgraded and regular durability if possible) 99 blossoms, 99 humanity, 99 divine blessings, full artorias armor set and i think that is it. my gamertag on xbox is ClassicSteel. pm me on xbox or reply to this i will be refreshing the page every couple minutes, im about to start so i wont be anymore then 20 minutes getting to the undead burg bonefire ( depends if i die and stuff) i hope to hear from someone soon