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A new Darksiders 2 inventory editor/trainer? (request)
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    A new Darksiders 2 inventory editor/trainer? (request)

    Hi. I realize I'm just a new poster, but here's what I'm looking for. I play darksiders 2 on my pc, and I've spent hours searching the net looking for a mod/editor/trainer that could mod how many stonebites you have. After finding the only one that did, I realize that it's been deleted and the assembler banned. I understood why after more forum scanning. I was hoping maybe someone could create a new editor or trainer which can mod the inventory. After spending money to get a trainer, honestly, playing felt too easy. I don't wanna walk through Argul on nightmare mode, but I want to feel a bit more tough and rough. More like I feel the reaper should be. I've tried hex editing myself, and, honestly, slaughtered many a savegame before I stopped. My problem is I spend half my year in and out of hospitals, and although I've tried to get into classes on programming before, you need consistency in your availability to take a class. I never know from day to day if I'll be home or watching my IV drip away at the hospital. That's a slight exaggeration, honestly, I can usually tell about one or two days ahead if my body's going down.

    Well, thank you for reading my sometimes rambling request, I'm really just looking to extend the playability and get a bit more out of this title. I was a Battle Chaser's fan, and fell in love with this series even before I knew who the lead artist was.

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    Re: A new Darksiders 2 inventory editor/trainer? (request)

    thnx for this



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