I have been taking a venture into hex editing a save of mine, Raging Blast 2 for Xbox 360. Which seems to have a checksum that prevents you from using a edited save. Trying to figure out how to bypass it. I have the files for the raging blast 2 game both saves, one for normal and one that was edited, but the edited one comes up as corrupted. ideas?

I know there is a checksum in there since it keeps popping up as corrupted, I tried giving myself tons of items, which is limited to 10. Sometimes I even tried giving the same item twice, to increase the effect twice as much like 4 health bars. Did not work, came back corrupted. I came to the conclusion that there is a corruption if the checksum is incorrect. I read about someone working on a way to get it to work, but they stopped. Really want to give myself items. I miss the PS2 Tenkaichi series, they used the same limit points but atleast we had action replay or codebreak to cheat. Anyway, here are the saves:

Clean 95% Item Unlocked, All Characters, Etc file

Same file as above, attempted hack, comes as corrupted.

Any help, ideas?