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Just wondering.
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Thread: Just wondering.

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    nothing to say Just wondering.

    I've been wondering if there's anyone willing to share a Save and info for Happy Wars because I've been trying to find a save for this but I hear it's impossible to mod the Game for some reason and I read that you can acquire the person's Happy Tickets and Weapons and stuff if you use their Gamertag info which I'll save/rehash. I'm new to this whole stuff so I'm sorry if this makes no sense or I'm posting on the wrong Forum. Thanks if anyone can help.

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    Re: Just wondering.

    The save is server side so thats why there hasnt been a save uploaded. As far as the profile glitch thing I have no clue. I try to stay away from the market place theft crap. That can end you with a ban. In my opinion happy tickets are not worth the risk of ban.
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    Re: Just wondering.

    Everything is tied to the server. What you're talking about is profile sharing, which will both get you banned from Xbox Live and not really work the way you're hoping. Yeah, you will get those tickets, but you have to take them from somebody else who earned them the hard way (good luck finding somebody willing to give you their tickets for free), and those tickets will only stay with you for as long as you use that gamertag (they won't work on your own tag).

    That's the only way to (theoretically) get free tickets, and you'll have a harder time (and potentially spend more money) trying to convince somebody to trust you with their account information and spending their tickets (which they'll probably want you to pay for anyways) than you would just buying the tickets yourself. And other than profile sharing, cheating in any way (including modding the save) is impossible. Sorry.
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    Re: Just wondering.

    Oh wow, I didn't know this.. Thank you drizzt and Emerald for the info on this. But I still think someone with the big brains will soon find out a way to "mod" this game and get away with it, lol. I mean no game is perfect and it will always have a chance but for now No cheating in Happy Wars. I will earn them the hard way. Again, thanks guys.

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    Re: Just wondering.

    Now, I just found out about this Happy Wars game today.
    I believe it is an Arcade section game, correct? If so, it's obviously server sided.
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