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~Favorite Hardware/Digital DAW/Sequencers?~
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    ~Favorite Hardware/Digital DAW/Sequencers?~

    Well, to start off, my favorite is Fruity Loop Studio! And soon to be, the YAMAHA RM1X.

    The RM1X is the best from what I know and heard, classic hardcore and rave pattern/styles.

    Just two days left! :D

    --- Anyways, Fruity Loop Studio is probably the only easy formatted/designed software that I can use. :S

    Comments are welcome.

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    Re: ~Favorite Hardware/Digital DAW/Sequencers?~

    I use FL studio and Ableton with NI Massive vst, as well as tons of other random plugins. Cubase for production. Massive is good for making your own sounds instead of ripping others off. For pads I use NI Massive traktor kontrol s4, z2, F1 and X1. For audio I use Traktor audio 10 with KrK speakers


    Just made it not too long ago. Drops at :57



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