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Dragon Age 2 FemHwake Modding
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    Dragon Age 2 FemHwake Modding

    I've searched high and low for help with modding my FemHawke so that she's wearing Isabela's armor ( preferably the romance version of it ).
    I've had luck finding a few threads about it, but when the person figured how to do it, they seemingly abandoned the thread without sharing the process.
    I've tried following some of the tuts I've found but I've had no luck with it. My save always ends up corrupted.
    I'd like to have my FemHawke wear Isabela's armor, if it's even possible. I don't want my FemHawke to actually be Isabela, if that makes any sense. I'd just like her armor.

    If someone could give me a walk through of how to go about this, or even mod my save for me, I'd be extremely happy and thankful.
    I apologize in advance if this was possibly asked and solved.

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 FemHwake Modding

    Well, I finally got my FemHawke to wear Isabela's armor.
    I think the reason why I never got it to work was because I wasn't using a checksum and the hash calculator.

    Now my question is: can I change the skintone that comes with Isabela's armor?

    My original FemHawke has a lighter skintone. If it's not possible to have the armor match my original skintone, then it's fine.
    I have no problem with playing through DA2 with a different skintone. I'm just happy I was able to get her armor finally.
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