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need help with a skyrim pre cc save
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    need help with a skyrim pre cc save

    hello im new and this is my first post

    i know some people mod skyrim saves for other people but i wanted to know if someone could please make me a pre cc save with

    -level 1
    -health/magicka/stamina start at 750, max carryweight , max gold and 999 perk points.
    -waterbreathing and nighteye.
    -necklaces with 250% boost for alcemy,smithing, and enchanting.
    -999 all ingrdients and ingots.
    -azura's star, black star, oghma infinitum.
    -i would like weapons/armor with all the useable skills (dlc skills too if it is possible to do) in the game to disenchant to make better items
    -9999 daedric arrows
    -all dragon shouts and all dragon shout levels available (dlc shouts too if it is possible)
    -a ring that lets me turn into a werewolf and a vampire any time i want (if ir is possible)

    would appreciate it and thanks if it's not too much trouble

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    Re: need help with a skyrim pre cc save

    sorry i posted this in the wrong place dont know to delete it so please pay no attention to once i i find out to delete it im goinf to



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