This is my first try, i'm trying to edit my players in career mode for Top Spin 4. My intention is to set to 100 all of them. I have edited my player with hex editor, and i'm surfing and searching for values into the file but i can't find anything. When i open the file, i can find the name of the char, but i can't find the attributes values, it's the first time i'm trying to mod some save and i'm so lost...

Could someone give me some instructions on how could i search for the attributes of my char? Or if i should use another program to edit the file ... or... i don't know. I attach the file of my char...

I'm trying to find these values:

Drive: 70 (76 with trainer)
Backhand: 66
Serve: 94 (98 with trainer)
Volley: 36 (40 with trainer)
Potency: 98
Resistance: 77
Speed: 39 (40 with trainer)
Reflexes: 47 (50 with trainer)

I hope someone could help me finding this values in the file, or explain me how could i do it...

Thanks in advantage