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Armored Core V Money help!!!
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    Hehe Armored Core V Money help!!!


    So I didn't think I'd ever have to post here, but guess I was wrong! :p I'm having a lot of trouble editing my online Au. I'll go to edit the amount to 999999999 I'll go in buy a decal, create and apply a decal, and buy some parts for mech and workshop before I go back online. However when I log online I will have a negative value for my money. After modding to 999999999 I have been perma stuck at -999,999,999Au Not sure how to correct the issue only want to mod my Au. I have used Hazards tool for ACV and idlehands editor both unsuccessful. Can someone help me understand what I'm doing wrong or something here getting tired of trying to mess with this game. I do know about the server side save, just tossing that out there.

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